THIS IS A DRILL for a GENERAL EMERGENCY - Thursday, February 28, 2018 PLANT VOGTLE has declared a general emergency.

  • Plant Vogtle

    General Emergency - The most serious of the four NRC classifications. Radioactive material could be released outside the plant site. State and local authorities will take action to protect the public. Sirens may be sounded and local radio and television stations will provide information and instructions. If you're in an affected area, you will be notified by your NOAA weather radio and state and local officials about any actions you need to take.
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For information about activities and conditions in the area surrounding Plant Vogtle:

  • Call the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) at 1-800-879-4362 or 404-635-7200

For information on current conditions at Plant Vogtle:

  • Call our recorded information line at 1-888-847-1186

Real-Time and Plant Photos

Safety was the foremost concern during plant design and construction, and safety is emphasized constantly in employee training, monitoring and controls, safety systems testing, and communication between operators, utility owners, system suppliers and regulators.

Plant Photos

Photo Descriptions

Photo 1 : Emergency Diesel Generator

Photo 2 : Spent Fuel Pool Work

Photo 3 : Unit 2 Generator

Photo 4 : Vogtle

Photo 5 : Control Room

Photo 6 : Dry Cask Storage

Photo 7 : Spent Fuel Pool

Photo 8 : Units 1 & 2

Real Time Photos